Today the SPARK company is one of the leading manufacturers of motor vehicles. It took the leading position in the market due to the excellent technical characteristics of its products, their quality and durability. An equally important factor in the popularity of this brand of motorcycles is the availability of pricing policy, efficiency in maintenance and operation.

Spark motorcycles, ATVs and scooters are the choice of those looking for unsurpassed quality, unparalleled reliability and durability.

History of the company.

The historical path of the SPARK trademark began in 2003. It was then that the management of the AMT Trade company, which is part of the Spetsavtomatika association, approved the decision to create a new brand – Spark motor vehicles. Having set itself the goal of becoming one of the best manufacturers, which would be trusted by consumers not only in the domestic market, but also abroad, the company has relied on the production of affordable motor vehicles with excellent technical performance and a long service life, which would be ideally suited for specific operating conditions.

As a result of a thorough market research, consumer preferences and analysis of the design features of modern motor vehicles, the best manufacturers of engines and other components were selected for cooperation, and an ultra-modern corporate design was developed for each type of equipment and the optimal equipment was selected. Having embodied the best technical solutions and developments in its models, ТМ Spark has fully achieved its goals. Now the product range of this manufacturer is represented by scooters, road and road bikes, tricycles and ATVs.

Advantages of Spark motorcycles.

Each Spark motorcycle, like any other product of this manufacturer, in terms of quality and technical characteristics will satisfy any, even the most demanding buyer. Everything that Spark produces gives a sense of speed and dynamics, provides unlimited possibilities for outdoor activities or for solving everyday needs. The constantly updated assortment of motor vehicles of this brand includes: “Spark” scooter for daily walks and commuting to work, ATVs for off-road rally-raids, motorcycles for road competitions and other equipment. The model range of this brand includes motor vehicles of various sizes and functional features, which have proven themselves to be practical, reliable and affordable.

You can buy Spark motorcycles and scooters at an affordable price – from $ 599.

Other advantages of this technique are worth highlighting:

compactness of dimensions; low fuel consumption; high cross-country ability; extended standard equipment; wide range of designs and colors; long manufacturer’s warranty and ease of maintenance.

The assembly of Spark motorcycles and scooters is carried out in the AMT Trade workshops in Ukraine. Before assembly, a quality check of all components is mandatory. After assembly, the equipment is tested in all modes.

This gives additional guarantees that the “Spark” motorcycle or scooter will not let its owner down, and will reliably serve him for many years.

Where to buy Spark scooters and motorcycles in Ukraine?

The online store “Mototek” offers Spark motor vehicles with delivery to any city in Ukraine. As an official dealer of this manufacturer, we adhere to its pricing policy and provide an opportunity for Ukrainian consumers to choose and order any motorcycle or scooter from the range of Spark motor vehicles. We offer favorable terms of sale – convenient payment options and fast delivery of orders across Ukraine.

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