“Rubin” – “Rotor”: prediction and rate of Konstantin Genich

A very interesting meeting will take place in Kazan. # 171; Rubin# 187;, on which it all depends in terms of getting into European cups in the first full season of Leonid Slutsky, will play with # 171; Rotor# 187; who is fighting to survive. I don’t know if this all speaks about the weakness of the championship or about Slutsky’s strength as a coach, but his team is young, it was assembled by this specialist quickly, but meticulously. A very good stretch # 171; Rubin# 187; issues in the spring. The team was a little sausage in the fall, but now the game has stabilized. Even without Khvichi, the best player, the team can turn tough matches, as it did in the last round in Tula.

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# 171; Rotor# 187; over-motivated, he definitely needs a victory. # 171; Rotor# 187; will climb forward, look for their chances. # 171; Rotor# 187; played well against # 171; Sochi# 187; away in the last round, but did not succeed and missed in the very end.

Based on what can happen in parallel games, # 171; Rotor# 187; can boldly climb forward, exposing the rear, and # 171; Rubin# 187; on counterattacks can catch him in the second half. # 171; Rotor# 187; misses a lot in the second half. I think this trend should be supported here as well. If you look, then in the spring # 171; Rotor# 187; concedes in almost every second half.

My prediction # 171; goal # 171; Rubina# 187; in the second half# 187; for 1.6.

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