Applause for Vic’s ‘Tinder rapist’ jailing. Glenn Hartland was jailed for raping and assaulting female he fulfilled on Tinder

Applause for Vic’s ‘Tinder rapist’ jailing. Glenn Hartland was jailed for raping and assaulting female he fulfilled on Tinder

Glenn Hartland enticed lady on the internet, romanced all of these with big gestures and when these people ended the partnership he or she raped these people. The guy acknowledged Melbourne’s ‘Tinde.

Glenn Hartland lured females using the internet, romanced using grand gestures when these people ended the connection they raped these people.

The man usually Melbourne’s ‘Tinder rapist’ was actually on saturday sentenced to a lot more than 14 ages behind pubs for problems on four lady he or she achieved in the preferred dating application.

The 44-year-old from Moonee lakes said raping three people and indecently assaulting a next woman, each of who he’d been in concise romantic dating with, between 2014 and 2016.

The issues with the assaults were significantly distressing, County courtroom evaluate Paul Higham believed in getting Hartland to expend around 11 a long time in jail before are entitled to release on parole.

“It provides paid off stronger, self-confident and energized lady to afraid and uncertain shells of these former selves,” this individual stated.

Among the many female applauded while the words had been read out, showing eventually it had been twice just what she received expected.

In a mutual statement, three associated with the female characterized the lawful processes as confusing and confronting, inquiring the community to rally around whoever has skilled gendered assault.

“we need to understand exactly how tough it is often for females to stand around their abusers, and also now we desire all ladies to be aware of just how curing actually in order to tell their particular journey as well as have his or her comments known,” these people authored.

And also they paid tribute to the fourth prey, which won her own being in January.

Determine Higham acknowledged this lady death on week, but noted that in court Hartland would not be held responsible to be with her destructive decision.

Hartland raped all three feamales in its homes in Melbourne’s eastern.

“Rape was a large number of serious offence. It’s a criminal activity of intrusive brutality. It makes use of the actual phrase of closeness to apply electrical, regulation and importance,” the judge advised Hartland.

a psychiatrist’s review determine Hartland’s rapes happened to be a “means of overcompensating for their rigorous sensations of inadequacy”.

The 4th wife am indecently assaulted at a St Kilda accommodation where Hartland pinned the lady against a potty cubicle home and ripped the panties from under their trousers.

Hartland took the undergarments in to the resort and waved these people below his or her friend’s nostrils.

“You brandished these people as a prize. Your very own only motive were cause further embarrassment and indignation upon the victim,” determine Higham believed.

Hartland furthermore revealed to bothering someone on the web at the beginning of 2016 and releasing close photographs of one of his or her patients in-may 2016.

Delivering the unsolicited photos recommended the lady had been “demeaned for advantage of men”, the evaluate mentioned.

Hartland received indicated no remorse and was actually an excellent danger of erectile re-offending, they observed.

The women mostly met Hartland on Tinder and decrease into his revolve and hostage to their dysfunctional identity.

“This an internet industry provides a fecund landscaping through which potential predators can roam,” assess Higham mentioned.

“their own sole purpose were provide the self-aggrandising and manipulative mental and sex-related demands.”

The determine discovered Hartland was actually a severe “intimate well-being” threat around the community and purchased the guy be placed in the love offender register for living.

Why Do College Females Swipe Remaining On Tinder?

I’m keen on internet dating internet and apps. We don’t really have considerable time to follow dudes personally, being a writing key, there aren’t lots of folks during training. Located in the sorority residence likewise does not supply a large number of subjection to guys possibly. Recently I’ve used Tinder so I need accept, I’m not just really amazed in what I’ve already been witnessing. Countless different female encountered the exact same viewpoint.

I got towards road and expected a few women who make use of Tinder to inform myself why is these people swipe kept on some guy, and here are your benefits.


“I don’t idea watching men along with his friends getting an excellent evening out for dinner, but pictures of you guzzling alcohol, working on medication, and partying like a maniac? No thanks a lot.”


“we dont understand what it’s about they, but just about every guy on Tinder keeps a picture of these possessing a seafood. 4 off 5 everyone I swipe about get a fish in their visibility. It cann’t actually let me know everything about all of them.”


“I’ll view images of males standing in front of graffiti-covered wall space with curse keywords everywhere they and putting group clues. It provides myself an undesirable perception of those immediately. It’s certainly not cool.”

Too Good To Be True

“Guys just who looks too finest in their pictures happens to be a warning sign. Should they see photoshopped or their visualize appears publication excellent, i recently think that it’s a Catfish. We dont opportunity they.”

Shirt-Less Mirror Each Morning Pictures In The First Photograph

“We’re perhaps not in secondary school any longer. If I witness a shirtless photo of some guy, i simply dont take them severely. You Can Easily still be cool really outfits on, I promise.”

All Team Images

“Have a minumum of one photo of yourself, just one single! Should you have all people pictures, We can’t determine about what you do. I need to be able to identify you against all others, I’m not simply seeing guess!”

Unoriginal Bios

“I dislike overused pick-up traces in bios. I would like something else entirely, fascinating. Utilizing a pick-up range or popular price on the internet just informs me you’re unoriginal and now you can’t thought for your own benefit. Get a risk and strive to create new stuff. I’m very likely to swipe appropriate in the event you compose anything I haven’t seen 1,000 time.”

Past Pics

“If you’re 24 with a picture people from senior school, I’m swiping lead. I want a recent image of someone I’m examining. it is not that hard to consider a new pic. Receive dressed up, has a little picture capture and increase, some fresh footage to suit your shape.”

Young Ones

“For the elderly on Tinder, getting an image of kids is extremely good! If you are 18 and now have two young children in your photo, I’m going to presume their unique yours and swipe remaining until you place a disclaimer.”

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