300 Norma Mag a€“ Ballistics and Caliber review, 300 Norma Mag Background

300 Norma Mag a€“ Ballistics and Caliber review, 300 Norma Mag Background

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300 Norma Mag Background

The 300 Norma ended up being picked by SOCOM your brand new expert Sniper Rifle (ASR) opponents because of its extraordinary outside ballistics.

You may be inquiring, a€?Isna€™t every game picked because of its ballistics?a€? Better, all depends.

As you may know, uncover three different ballistics, inner, external, and terminal.

  • Internal ballistics relates to the proceedings in the firearm
  • External ballistics refers to what’s going on within weapon while the goal
  • Terminal ballistics identifies what the results are after bullet interacts because of the goal

Frequently models tend to be plumped for (by someone, police office, or military services party) because of the measurements, body weight, interior ballistics, and/or terminal ballistics.

Internal ballistics is extremely important when stuff like reducing recoil or making the most of barrel life are needed. And terminal ballistics is a significant factor whenever there are issues about self-protection or hunting a€?stopping energy.a€?

Ammunition Size

How big is an ammunition is important if your consumer is intending to increase capability or lessen large the firearma€™s action. The extra weight of a cartridge is extremely important whenever several times should be transported for too long distances/periods of times.

The 300 Norma mag is dependent off the 338 Norma Mag situation necked as a result of accept a .30 caliber round. It is additionally depending from the the exact same parent ammunition given that the 338 Lapua maga€¦.the 416 Rigby. Which means a bolt with a substantial look required which mean a big action (and a large/heavy rifle).

300 Norma Mag Ballistics

The 300 Norma Mag launches a 220gr .308 bullet at just over 3,000 fps. Thata€™s 4,400 ft/lbs of one’s energy!

The 300 Norma Mag truly stands out if it is firing possibly the 230gr Berger cross round a€“ this round has actually an out-of-this community 0.743 Ballistic Coefficient (BC)! (If you shoulda€™re going to uncover BC, stop by phase 10 of long-range firing guide) As soon as crammed around 3,000 fps, this round from your 300 Norma Mag should stay supersonic off to 1,500 meters! This really is as long as a considerably heavier 300gr SMK snap off a 338 Lapua causes it to be earlier looks subsonic! Even though the 300 Norma will surely have 80% on the focus associated with the 338 Lapua at that length with those bullets, it can nonetheless allow it to be there truthfully, with considerably less recoil. Another benefit toward the 300 Norma Mag certainly is the total period are lesser ethnicity dating apps compared to the 338 Lapua Mag a€“ it really is efficiently the equivalent duration because 300 winnings Mag.

It takes flatter and also has less wind float than ita€™s closest counter-parts, the 338 Lapua in addition to the 30 Nosler.

However, it is actually a more substantial dimension cartridge compared to 30 Nosler (big thunderbolt face/action and less publication ability), they comes behind the terminal ballistic stamina associated with 338 Lapua (until they grabs up-close to 2,000 yards), and, probably the leading criticism, it is not necessarily a consistent cartridgea€¦. it’s not made use of by other people in your military services nor every other army.

Therefore, the 300 Norma is definitely a wonder-round on paper. And, actually lightweight recoiling in contrast to 338 Lapua. However, Ia€™m perhaps not thinking that it is wise to pursue the latest/greatest and best doing around. All things considered, therea€™ll always be something arrives eventually that will offer far better outside ballistics. When that occurs, the military (especially) shouldna€™t rush to consider this rounded on price latest rifles, latest bullets source, and training.

Leta€™s see the 300 Norma Magnuma€™s ballistics off to 2,000 meters:

That can or may not see extraordinary for you. Leta€™s evaluate it to some other calibers for perspective.

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